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Volinette's Song by Martin F. Hengst

Volinette’s Song

by Martin F. Hengst

Giveaway ends August 31, 2014.

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The First Long Terrifying Step Into The Void…

OffTheCliffThere is something about the blank white page that is both terrifying and exciting. The whole world is hidden there, waiting for my words to reveal it. All I have to do is sit down and put the words on the page that will bring my world to life for all of the people who don’t live inside my head.

I’ve never jumped off a cliff, or out of an airplane, but I imagine that there is a similar rush that we crafters of the written word get to experience when we finally spill blood, sweat, and tears onto that first blank page and watch as our world, our characters, and our ideas are formed out of nothingness.

I started the rough draft of Pirates of the Siren’s Sea yesterday and worked on it more today. The word count is slowly climbing as the characters take their place on the stage and say their lines. I haven’t gotten much done yet, but it’s a start…and starting is always exciting.

Are you looking forward to Pirates of the Siren’s Sea? Stop by the comments and tell me what, or who, you most want to see in the next installment of the Swordmage saga.


The Last Swordmage – 99 cents Very Limited Time Only

SwordmageLittleBook2For a very limited time only, you can get the book that started the Magic of Solendrea series for 99 cents. If you haven’t yet read The Last Swordmage, or have family or friends who enjoy sword and sorcery fantasy, now is an excellent time to grab a good book for a great price.

The Last Swordmage – 99 cents @ Amazon

Dangerous Bonds – A Magic of Solendrea Single – Now Available

DangerousBondsSingleCoverFollow Torus and Tiadaria on a training mission that goes horribly wrong. Dangerous Bonds is an exclusive Solendrea Single that isn’t available on Amazon, or any other ebook retailer for that matter. The only way you can get your hands on this Solendrea tale is to sign up for my newsletter.

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Limited Time Only – Back to School Sale – 25% Off


Load up your Kindle before you head back to school with five pulse-pounding tales of sword and sorcery. The Last Swordmage, The Darkest Hour, The Pegasus’s Lament, Volinette’s Song, and Quintessential Tales are all ON SALE NOW for 25% off. This offer won’t last forever. If you haven’t caught up on the tales of magic and adventure from the Solendrea universe, now is a great time to do so.

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Pirates of the Siren’s Sea – Kickstarter Relaunch

After the original Pirates of the Siren’s Sea Kickstarter campaign ended, I was contacted by several people who wanted to know if I was going to be relaunching it. For all of those people and for anyone who might have wanted to back the project but missed out the first time, I have good news. I’ve learned from my experiences with crowdfunding and made some changes and relaunched Pirates of the Siren’s Sea for a second go around.

When it was launched, it reached 33% funded within two hours. I’ve lowered the target goal amount and retooled some of the backer rewards to make them more accessible. If you’d like to show your support, you can do so by backing the new project. The link is below. You can also help out by sharing the project link on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

As always, thanks for all your support. You guys are the best.



The Ongoing Amazon Hachette Debacle

Additional shots have been fired by both sides in the ongoing Amazon vs. Hachette fight. While I won’t rehash the whole thing, I did notice that Hugh Howey wrote an excellent article on why the authors standing with Hachette, as much as their hearts are in the right place, are on the wrong side of the argument. If you’re interested in the fight that is being waged, I recommend you read the article, which you can find here:


For the record, I agree with Mr. Howey. No author should be fighting to raise prices for their readers. I write with the hope that as many people read, and enjoy, my work as possible. Pricing my ebooks at $14.99 would do a grave disservice to those readers.

Note that I didn’t say that authors should be paid less. As an author who makes a living with my writing, I’m all for authors making as much as they can in order to make their art a living wage…but prices shouldn’t need to be artificially inflates to the point where purchasing a book is a hardship on the reader.

I, personally, won’t spent more than $9.99 on an ebook…so in effect, Hachette is working to ensure that I never buy a book written by their authors. In fact, $9.99 is my absolute maximum limit…and most of the books I purchase are in the $5.99-$7.99 (with many lower priced indie titles added to that mix as well).

So I empathize with the readers who want lower prices and to be able to enjoy the books they want to read.

I hope this dispute is resolved soon. Ultimately, the longer it drags out, the more the readers are hurt in the process…and I think some authors have forgotten that the readers are the ones who made them successful in the first place…


Volinette’s Song – Audiobook On Sale Now!

Volinette’s Song – Audibook On Sale Now!

If you are more keen to listen to your adventures than read them, today is your lucky day. Volinette’s Song is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Narrated by the extremely talented Carolyn Light, Volinette’s Song would be a great addition to your audio library.

Get your copy now!